Influenced by tradition and projected towards the future,
BubuBa finds its identity in the combination of classicism and modernity with the desire to fully express a stylistic vision imbued with the artistic taste of our culture and create a connection between the past and the future.
A typically Italian style and craftsmanship are the basic values of the brand, which aims to interpret the evolution of the world without ever forgetting where it all started.
BubuBa is not a mad rush to change fashions, but a fluctuating ability to accompany the flow of events with the wisdom of those whose eyes are full of beauty.
Architecture, art, sculpture. Ideas shaped according to the dictates of memory, materials and modern production take shape in the exhibition space of creation to live the streets of the world at the hands of women who exhibit the uniqueness of the work as a frame for their beauty.
BubuBa intends to shine and to make shine, to exhibit in that visual space a work that becomes the worthy companion of sensuality, style and feminine elegance. It should be worn with pride and the desire to amaze.
The road ahead is clear, the laboratory of ideas is open and the purpose of BubuBa is to bring to light other elements of the past, like a trunk with ancient jewels that are rediscovered in an attic and revived shining through the necks of millennial ladies.
These are the souls living in the brand, this is the double identity that concretizes the transgenerational mission based on visionary intentions.
This is the perfect oxymoronic synthesis of AnteFutureVision BubuBa.

The BubuBa brand comes from the heart of Gian Luigi Foschi and Paride Del Testa.
It comes from the heart, because everyone keeps their identity and their ideas there, even more than in reason.
The creations of the brand fully reveal the will of both of them to express the passion for the art and culture of their land, Italy, by bringing into their works a mixture of classicism and modernity.
The neologism BubuBa is the result of the union of recurring words from the designers’ childhood, and it emphasizes that the origins and purity of dreams are the basis of their aesthetic vision.
Childhood is a pure vision of the world.
Childhood is a link with one’s origins and birth.
Childhood is imagination, but above all the ability to be amazed.
The two designers firmly believe that, in order to create, one must maintain the same approach that children have with the world and the same ability to amaze, day after day, without forgetting who they are and where they are going.
Every journey, every adventure, every new work basically begins like this, with the eyes turned to the future and the heart full of the past.

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